Painting and Praying

Ora Pro Nobis

Maria Cecília Jacques

Mysticism . Prayer . Sacred Art . Naïve Art . Act of Faith

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Naïve Sacred Art
Mysticism . Prayer . Sacred Art . Naïve Art . Act of Faith

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Naïve Sacred Art
For Cecilia Jacques, painting is her prayer. On the path of naïve painting – she feels closer to God and becomes His vehicle. Guided by this Divine Force, this simple gesture of painting with the power of ingenuity becomes the engine of the sacred imagination.

Before Ora Pro Nobis [Orai por nós] (Pray for Us) we are immediately summoned to an intimate conversation with Holy Beings both beloved and unknown, pure and mysterious. We are witnesses to the creation, in a continuum, of this collection of Figures of Faith.

For Cecília Jacques, the search for holiness is a path created with the love of the little things in life. Prayer and faith are her path. “We are all called to Holiness” says the artist, clearly meaning we are living in communion with the teachings of Christ, the Holy Spirit, and hand in hand with Our Lady.

In the artist’s words, “We are all instruments of God.” She further explains: “Having the Saints who have already walked the path as inspiration, my motivation and purpose is to meet God and be His best instrument. We are all small before God, who guides us on the path of Holiness and to follow His will, with the help of His grace, with humility, simplicity and innocence. We need to learn to love, we need to learn to be Holy. Through sacred art, I learned to recognize my calling. Painting is an act of faith, art is a prayer. My naïve painting is based on basic artistic traits, rather than art study. This is my vehicle!”

Ora Pro Nobis was born from a proposal by Filipa Leandro [TARS], who shares a passion for surfing like Cecília Jacques. The artist arrived in Torrão, from the North – from Porto – with her luggage and paintings. Once settled in town, there was time to visit the Village and gather inspiration for her quest: Continue making paintings and exhibitions to transmit God’s message. Her artistic drift involves the project of printing postcards for publicity. And after visiting the Village for the répérage, she’d include the creation of a portrait of Nossa Senhora da Graça. May this work come to us from Heaven and be of great value to us, so there is always Faith.

Maria Cecília Jacques was born on August 17, 1974 in San José, Costa Rica. In 2020, having married a Portuguese citizen, she came to live in the city of Porto, where they created a family. Together with her two children, she has developed a taste for surfing that has led her to produce the documentary Nazaré, Uma Onda para a História. The film was shown at Surf at Lisbon Film Fest in 2017.