AQUI — Praça Bernardim Ribeiro | Torrão

Maria Cecília Jacques exhibition opening, whose artistic path is that of painting as prayer and an act of Faith. In the artist’s words, «Having the Saints who have already walked the path as inspiration, my motivation and purpose is to meet God and be His best instrument». At “AQUI” space we are immediately summoned to an intimate conversation with Holy Beings both beloved and unknown, pure and mysterious. We are witnesses to the creation, in a continuum, of this collection of Figures of Faith.

Ora Pro Nobis was born from a proposal by Filipa Leandro [TARS], who shares a passion for surfing like Cecília Jacques. The artist arrived in Torrão, from the North – from Porto – with her luggage and paintings. Once settled in town, there was time to visit the Village and gather inspiration for her quest: Continue making paintings and exhibitions to transmit God’s message.


23 March