The proposal for Convento da Terra is to articulate, in the town of Torrão, the residents and the local landscape, tradition and restoration, art and tourism, in a post-growth perspective.

Convento da Terra is a dual exercise about how to articulate the identity of a place with management and offer a community a developmental horizon.

Despite the specific themes and issues addressed, along with the diverse target audiences, a set of operative metaphors shapes a narrative, and a series of premises guide the aesthetic endeavour with a meticulous examination of the interplay between place and creation. This process involves a re-evaluation of values grounded in the economic concept of post-growth. The application of a holistic perspective on resilience and sustainability activates dialogical, inclusive, and participatory models and mechanisms – essentially fostering co-creation. This stance defines a territory of integrated but not exclusive action, referential but not imposing, appealing but not alienating. A concept of communication – cultural communication – enables a community to reflect and reinvent its current character and future, considering what it may want to maintain or change in daily life and at the level of the urban aglomeration’s experience.

A village in the landscape transforms into a stage for various dimensions – reflection, strategy, action, celebration, contemplation – making the place more dynamic and capable of being an exemplar of a process that enhances social life. The way gestures articulate disciplines of knowledge strategically and intergenerationally, embracing principles, aims to celebrate an abundance of what Torrão has the potential to reveal.

With its rich history, heritage, and unique set of challenges, Torrão stands as a notable point on the map. Nestled in the Alentejo region, a place well-aware of its distinctive character, Torrão aspires to a glocal destiny in the Grace of time, at the rhythm of Place.

Initiated by an individual’s intuitive act – the acquisition of a dilapidated convent – clear ethical principles have been articulated, shaping a vision for a sustainable future. Through active community involvement, CONVENTO DA TERRA endeavours to foster a profound connection, offering a blend of sensitivity and a curated series of experiences that involve the exchange of knowledgeand encourage artistic citizenship, articulating celebration and contemplation.

In this venture, the spirit of adventure and the playful engagement with destiny play pivotal roles, essential for elevating humanity and honouring the natural order of things. All of this unfolds right here, on this land.









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