Research Lines

Eight lines of research-action are inspired by the motto "Sowing Possibilities." Various fields of knowledge and know-how are thus motivated and continuously interconnected.

Not excluding others, nor excluding each other, these lines of investigation function as a pruning of individual and collective paths. Actions such as seeing, listening, reflecting, contemplating, recognizing, talking are valued in a pedagogical and therapeutic register that seeks to involve different sectors of the population, both occasionally and regularly. These Lines of Research function as lines of action, that is, drawers to guide and organize the various activities and experiences, thus highlighting key dimensions of the Project in terms of sociocultural intervention.


Tributes to the Person – highlighting the local citizens. With stories as messages of life.

Inhabited Architecture

Validation of Place as a participant and structure. Between the cartography in the framework and the dynamics of the Urban Project and the design and planning of interventions  to re-imagine space and spatiality.


Activating curatorial framing of Craft in situ, along with restorative design as a means of promoting judicious craft.

Living body

To be and be in practice aiming for a better life. The processes of self-knowledge integrating performative and performatic moments, in the framework of health and well-being.


Gestures of alignment. Acts of respect for Nature, creation and care for the landscape. 

Captive Image

Being critical and cognizant in the era of the screens, by mentoring and training in the overlapping areas of Photography and Video, Cinema and Visual and Multimedia Arts.


Narrative and artistic-literary production – inspired in the legacy of Bernardim Ribeiro. Words at play.

Lady Grace

Religion and Spirituality. Celebration and exploration across the mystic, mythic and symbolic planes of the urban experience.