Exhibition and events space, complemented by studios dedicated to cultural tourism and artistic residencies. Cloister with circulation on two floors, integrating library and meeting spaces. 4 bedrooms | 4 suites | 1 studio | Kitchen and dining room. Large terrace overlooking the waters of Vale do Gaio and the surrounding landscape. Large gallery – nave measuring 30m long, 7m wide and 11m high. Organic vegetable garden and orchard, next to a tank.

Set rebuilt respecting aesthetic values of the construction period (1640), with a completely new part in metal and glass that will produce renewable energy and collect rainwater. It is precisely from the concept of Grace that installations and sculptures will be presented through which spiritual elevation will come from the immersive aesthetic impact.

ALÉM has multiple meanings. The most relevant in this context are BEYOND, ABOVE, UPWARD, AFTERLIFE and… THERE.