AQUI — Praça Bernardim Ribeiro

“Mapping Philosophy as a Way of Life” is a project funded by FCT and based at the Nova Philosophy Institute, at the NOVA University of Lisbon (Instituto de Filosofia da Nova, da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa – IFILNOVA | NOVA-FCSH), with promotes, among other programs, a series of philosophical conversations in partnership with non-academic entities.

With an internationally recognized team of experts in ancient, modern, and contemporary philosophy, the project aims to explore the potential of the “philosophy as a way of life” model, as developed by the French philosopher Pierre Hadot.

Each meeting promotes an informal and accessible discussion on a philosophical topic, with the participation of experts on the subject and openness to the participation of the public present. In partnership with the TARS association, the conversation about “Philosophy and spirituality” explores the tangencies and differences between philosophical, religious and political forms of conversion and spirituality. The session is attended by the historian José Eduardo Franco, by philosophy researcher Gianfranco Ferraro and researcher of Sufi Islamic literature and culture Fabrizio Boscaglia.


Photography by Fernando Frias Reis