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CADOS – Universidade Católica Portuguesa

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Art, Ecology and Economy of Francisco

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Art, Ecology and Economy of Francisco

Art is the Teaching of Resistance by Frederick Kiesler

Integral Ecology’s goal is to bring together curious minds from various fields and create an interdisciplinary collaboration with a unified vision for the future. This past month, we gathered in the small village of Torrão, located among olive groves and wheat fields to discuss current global challenges, interconnectedness both internally and within our societies. As professionals coming from the fields of academia, media, psychology, and art we shared our different realities and brainstormed for solutions for the betterment of now and the future.

Integral Ecology’s fundamental structure is based in spiritual and cultural conversations by constant encounters with the Other, emphasizing the importance of empathy.

Thanks to the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Convento da Terra’s kind invitation, our group of postdoctoral researchers and creatives experienced the Agata Wiórko program – the head to heart to hand concept through a series of lecture/discussions, story sharing groups, visiting lecturers, and workshops.

This was an intense, stimulating, and thought provoking residency at the Convento da Terra, as we embraced, “In the Grace of Time, in the Rhythm of Place.” (Mário Câmara Caeiro)

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A special thank you to Frédéric Coustols and Prof. Peter Hanenberg for creating this symposium and toeveryone who contributed their wisdom and presence in our group. (Agata Wiórko)