AQUI — Praça Bernardim Ribeiro

The event, organized by CADOS – Universidade Católica Portuguesa and coordinated by Agata Wiórko da Câmara (UCP/CECC) is an opportunity to bring Academia together with a variety of experts. A group of the Integral Human Development researchers (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) exchanges thoughts and ideas with members and collaborators connected to TARS (Association for Earth Resilience and Sustainability) and DaST (Design a Sustainable Tomorrow), based in Torrão, Alentejo.

The aim of Connexio is to discuss Integral Ecology and Economy of Francesco in relation to entrepreneurship, communication and art, linking specifically spirituality themes with the area of tourism.

The event is accompanied by extra activities to stimulate the connection between the head, the heart and the hands. Leaving the walls of the Academy and bringing together minds that share a common horizon.

The meeting includes national and international guests i.a. Patrícia Anzini, José Eduardo Franco, Dominik Lejman, Peter Hanenberg, Rita Sacramento Monteiro and Simon Punter in an expanded group that includes registered participants.

Free registration to participate: (limited spots)


Terracotta figure | Cyprus | ca. 60-480 BCE