AQUI — Praça Bernardim RIbeiro

Torrão opens another window of time. The doll installation in Pátio Azul will let go of Spring and welcome Summer. Born 2005 in Pátio Azul in Paula Estorninho’s House — the origin of the project’s name — the delicate figures, as small as a palm, are intemporal, looking expectantly to the future. Establishing affectionate relationships, they weave subtle threads between those they love.

In the freshness
I lay
Like on a shore
| Matsuo Bashô

Is it or not
The dream I forgot
Before dawn?
| Jorge Luis Borges


Paula Estorninho was born in Mozambique in 1965 and studied architecture (FAUTL, 1989). She lives and works in Serpa since 1994, developing architectural and cultural projects with the city council.